Tri-Cities gets Fiber to the Home

Tri-Cities!  Fiber Optic Broadband is coming to your home!

What is Fiber Optic Broadband?  It is the next generation of Internet.  It is to Cable and DSL, what Cable and DSL were to dial-up.  While DSL is dead, cable is topping out at 100Mb/s and maybe stretching to 1Gb/s (1024 Mb/s), fiber optic internet starts at 100Mb/s and has the potential to reach 10Gb/s and beyond.  It also offers symmetrical speed (the same upload speed as your download speed) which provides an overall more pleasant experience online.  Oh and did we mention that it is far more reliable than current copper technologies (DSL/Cable).  Fiber to the Home is the future.

StriveTech is a local IT and Internet Provider which is committed to bringing the best technology has to offer to our local businesses, residential clients and community.  We are your technology experts and we can provide the solutions you need.  Fiber Optic Broadband is here in the Tri-Cities.  StriveTech partners with your local PUD Broadband wholesale provider to extend internet and phone services powered by fiber optics to underserved areas at an affordable price.

We are currently in the expansion phase on our Fiber to the Home Product in the Tri-Cities Area.  Please be sure to tell your friends, neighbors and other members of our community.  Fiber to the Home is available in select neighborhoods.  Filling out this form will help us plan our deployment.  We have commitments from Franklin PUD already on build out plans with others coming on board soon.  The simple fact is the more interest we have in an area, the higher priority the build out will be.  So get the word out!